S H E  L L E Y ' S  G E R M A N  S H E P H E R D S
H  O  M  E    R  A  I  S  E  D

Full AKC or Limited AKC
Full AKC is for breeding right which will be 500.00 extra to the pet price to get the pin number to register your puppy for full breeding rights. Which means you can register your litter with AKC and your puppies will all have the AKC papers.
Limited AKC - you will still get AKC paper for you puppy but when you register your puppy, it will be with no breeding rights. Meaning you will not be able to registered the future litters with AKC and will not have papers on the puppies. That means your puppies even if you dog is AKC registered will not be registered AKC.

If you are interested in a breeding future dog. These are a few steps to go about to making it happen.
First when you contact me, please mention it and let me know that is what you are looking for. 
It is alway best to have at least first to second pick in the litter.
Males should not be Cryptorchidism, meaning male need to have both testicles down for him to be a canadiate to be a future stud male. 
At the picking day for your male, typical happens at the 7th week. Remind me that you are picking for future stud male. 

If you are getting a breeding male or female.
You contract is printed out on COLOR paper
Notes will be written down stating you paid for the breeding rights and I have recieved that payment.