S H E  L L E Y ' S  G E R M A N  S H E P H E R D S
H  O  M  E    R  A  I  S  E  D

Watch Our Videos

These picture video is our kids and our dogs.

With minimal training, this puppy does a great off leash heel.
Train abilty is Super!

Sorel training her puppy UKI, first heel walk, training with clicker & treats

This is a video of our dogs playing in the morning.

This is a video of the dogs hanging out on the porch

Clark's movement

Queeny & I
We work with our breeding dogs, so that when they are retired. They can acclimate easily into family homes.

Sorel & Queeny
Again to show that Queeny (retired female) is well adjusted and would be a great family dog for an awesome home.

Snow Day 2016

Litter Pups

Kiona training her puppy "HIRO"

Kiona training "HIRO"

Kiona playing ball with HIRO & 2 other dogs