S H E  L L E Y ' S  G E R M A N  S H E P H E R D S
H  O  M  E    R  A  I  S  E  D

O U R  M A L E S

T H E S E  M A L E S  A R E  P A S T , C U R  R E N T ,  A N D  F U T U R E  S T U D S .

  1. Hercules is just like his grandfather Leon. Loves people, super affectinate and very loyal. His mother is Kimber who we love, now living with my father in law in Santa Barbara. Hercules has the rich black and red coloring from his father Hiro. Hercules is a 90 lbs medium size mal, beautiful long coat. Now resides in Boulder, Colorado
    Hercules OFA HIP GOOD GS-97986G26M-PI OFA Elbow NORMAL GS-EL36712M26-PI
  2. I M P O R T Marty is a large powerful young male with beautiful rich color. He is a direct import from Czech Republic. Marty is very energetic and loyal. High drive Standard coat large male 95 lbs Now resides in Glenwood Springs, Colorado
    Marty OFA hip GOOD GS-99261G24M-VPI OFA Elbows NORMAL GS-EL37891M24-VPI
  3. I M P O R T NeKlaus is our future upcoming stud male. He is a large 95lbs powerful social male. Super social and well balance, excellent in public settings. Loves to go out to do his daily training in town. Going to PORTLAND 2020
    OFA Preliminary (Consultation Report) coming soon
  4. I M P O R T Hiro ia an amazing dog that was raised by my 14 year old daughter Kiona. Hiro is beyond loyal and crazy in love with Kiona. Hiro is high drive, LOVES to play ball and is well trained. He is raised based on the critical period. Hiro is very social with people and dog/puppies. He helps keep the pack order and will correct any dogs out of line. Hiro is a house dog and free range of the 40 acre property whenever he is outside. Son of Etoo aus Wattenscheid (2011 V4 BSZS) (2012 VA11 BSZS) (2013 VA6) SCHH3 KKL1 Retired - here with us
    Athos-Hiro OFA Preliminary (Consultation) Report Good hip joint Elbow joints Negative L/R
  5. I M P O R T Clark is a strong playful, loving GSD. He has a perfect heel, and graceful gait (see video). He is very eager to please. Son of VA1 Champion SCHH3 KKL1 Mentos vom Osterberger-Land Pedigree Now resides in California
    BH Clark SV HIP a normal SV Elbow normal
  6. I M P O R T Solo is the son of 2x Champion Vegas. He is a large powerful male, with incredible stamina. Be careful if you decide to throw a ball, or a stick(anything) around Solo. He will play fetch until the cows come home. IPO1 Solo z Agiru Bohemia son of 2x VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard Pedigree Now resides in Nebraska
    IPO1 Solo SV HIP a normal SV Elbow normal
  7. IMPORT Leon was one of our favorite dogs. He was an absolutely stunning dog. Large head, chest and shoulder, with amazing coloring. As great as he looked, it was his temporment and personality that made eveyone that met him, fall in love. Over the years, so many clients have visited us to view a litter. A little time with Leon was all it took for them to ask the question "Can we have Leon?" RIP our beloved LEON
    IPO1 Leon SV HIP a normal SV Elbow normal
  8. IMPORT Janko is a young playful long coat male that joined us Jan 2019. He is a large male 90 lbs. He is social with people and great with all our females here. Janko has his hip certificate with FCI. Janko's sire Opus mom Radhaus has VA title in (ARG, MEX, SWE) He is has working title SCHH2, IPO3 and his KKL1
    HD 0/0